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About US

tennis-academy-orlandoElite Tennis USA was created and designed to fulfill the needs of top tennis players from around the world. Elite Tennis USA believes that each player is an individual project and understands that each player needs to be treated in a personal way to be able to maximize their full potential. Coaches identify the strength and weaknesses with each player to ensure they develop their abilities and find their true potential. Elite Tennis USA’s techniques and tactics are unique to each player in order to maximize their skills.

Elite Tennis USA understands that the modern game of tennis has evolved over the past 20 years. In that time, fitness has begun to play a major role in making a successful Tennis Player. Our players will incorporate fitness to maximize their athletic potential as well as to prepare their body for the stresses of tennis, not just to be physically stronger but more importantly to help minimize injuries.

We set short and long term goals, we talk about the pressure, how to deal with emotions and we want to know and understand our players in order to deliver the best guidance. Elite Tennis USA understands the mental aspects of a tennis player’s journey to success at the highest level. We have an experienced sports psychologist and physical therapist on site completing our team.